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Video Resource

The Best Ever

Posted: August 7, 2012

A video resource can give you step by step instructions on how to utilize PacifcCoast Print, Copy website or services. A good resource to provide our customer better experience. Click to it

Special Business Hours

News & Events

Posted: April 6, 2012

Convenience is the promise PacificCoast always giving to our customer. Today we made it into the next level. PacificCoast Print, Copy opened Special Business Hours request form. Click to it

Company Calendar

News & Events

Posted: March 5, 2012

To help offering our customer the best services and products, PacificCoast Print, Copy added a new company calendar to help our customer becoming more notice on our news and events. Click to it

Part Time Job Postion

Customer Services & Production

Posted: February 28, 2012

If you are interested in working for a progressive industry leading company and feel that you could significantly contribute to our company. Click to see details

It's here! Perfect Binding

New Perfect Binding Sevice Available

Posted: December 1, 2011

With a short delay and our team’s hard work, the perfect binding machine is finally arrived at Pacific Coast (1426 19th Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta). We are gladly to tell all our customers “Yes, we can help you; try our brand new perfect binding machine.”

File Upload With PacificCoast Print, Copy

Video Reference

Posted: November 29, 2011

Here it is, come and have look. We know it may not be the best, but we are working on it. One short instruction video posted on YouTube for demonstrating how to use file upload service on our website. This is the first step move forward to our resource page. Watch it here.Watch Pacific Coast video to learn how to use our file upload function on our Quote Enquiry form.

Resource Page

Quick Reference

Posted: October 19, 2011

It is coming. Resource page, a quick guild book integrated with video footage of demonstration on common issues of printing and design. A help center can better explain our services and products. With our resource page we believe PacificCoast Print, Copy will service our customer even better.

Our Website

Brand New Site

Posted: September 17, 2011

PacificCoast Digital Print, Copy is launching our new web site today. As our business goes into another exciting new year, we would like to introduce a brand new look to our existing and new customer.

Business Hours

Convenience to Our Customers

Posted: October 1, 2011

PacificCoast Digital Print, Copy aims to provide quick convenient service. Being starting off at 7:00am daily during weekday will help our customer to get everything prepared before their early morning meeting; and closing down at 6:00pm will offer some extra time for the day to let our clients pick up what they need on their way home. Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm is the best for family and students.

Perfect Binding Machine

Professional Presentation

Posted: September 18, 2011

PacificCoast Digital Print, Copy has taking the step to improve ourself once again. We will bring in our brand new perfect binding machine to help our customer achieve the best result.

Paper Go On Sale

All In House Paper Types

Posted: September 19, 2011

PacificCoast Digital Print, Copy want to give you the best of everything for your printing needs. From our printing products to our collection of papers, we offer our best to you.

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